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Peter Parcek

“I am a big fan of the Juice Joint.
I use it primarily as a lower gain drive (although it has a wide range of gain options).
I love how responsive it is to my hands and playing dynamics — it’s very articulate and inspiring. It also bonds well with the lower wattage amps I use live. The Juice Joint is a keeper!”
— Peter Parcek

“My compliments on the Juice Joint pedal: Three thumbs up! I can't find an unusable setting — from clean crunch to creamy drive, it does it all. It’s very touch responsive. The Proof control is cool for getting some sag. I can really feel it at higher volume levels. This pedal will definitely be on my board from now on!”
— Mark Rege, “The Skidmarks

“Your Juice Joint pedal is what I've been searching for … for many years. It has a wide variety of options for sweet overdrive tones that are transparent (retains your guitar's tone) and never harsh. The other qualities that I love are that it works extremely well with other pedals, and it cleans up really well when rolling-off the guitar's volume control.”
— Rich LaPearl, “Windfall

“The Juice Joint can offer the infamous Tube Screamer responsive mid-boost drive while being transparent in every other way. With its various switching options and controls, it can produce a barage of blissful tones even without mid accentuation which is my personal prefence. The Juice Joint can growl, bite, and scream with infinite variable shades of cool. It can sound creamy, crunchy, or in-between. It can drive or produce a great distortion. I am going to cherish this new 'go-to' pedal for years to come. I just regret having spent money on other pedals that didn't translate from the fingers to the sound!”
— Walt Daciuk

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